Tis’ the season

Christmas day is always such a highly anticipated day of the holidays all over the world. I find it interesting however that Christmas is highly publicised as a winter holiday, even in the Southern Hemisphere where we are in the height of summer. I find it makes it a little difficult to identify with the ‘traditional’ Christmas spirit as my christmas holiday involves BBQ’s and beaches as opposed to snow and ugly Christmas sweaters.  But although a summer Christmas may hold different traditions to a winter Christmas the main values stay the same, spending time with family and giving back. My family always makes it a habit to donate a large portion of food to the SPCA each holidays in order to help feed the animals and also buy christmas presents to put under the Kmart Christmas tree for children in need. Buying presents for family is also one of the best parts of Christmas I always love trying to make sure I choose something different that they will love, although it is stressful within the craziness that is stores at Christmas time the look on their faces when the open it is always magical.

My favourite part of Christmas however is choosing the outfit. When it is Christmas day why wouldn’t you want to look fabulous? So I always put a lot of thought in to what I am going to wear. This year I chose an off the shoulder top from Seed and a classic denim, mini A-line skirt. Pairing it with my Karen walker rings, Tiffany key necklace and Tiffany Bracelet. Off the shoulder tops are currently at the top of my favourites list at the moment as something about them gives me the sense of casual elegance and when paired with my go-to jewellery combination I felt ready to take on Christmas day in style.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and felt fabulous all day whether you were cozied up in a winter wonderland or chilling on the beach. Happy Holidays!

Yours Truly,

My Messy  Little Journal ♥︎