Welcome to my messy little journal

I’ve always felt that blogs were meant for those who had something to say or some fabulous talent to present to the world. However, i’ve never really felt like I was someone who reached those qualifications until recently in my life.

While researching where I want to go with the next stage of my life I stumbled upon the perfect goal for me. As someone currently studying Communication at university I didn’t really have a set career in mind, I had areas of interest of course! but nothing that I ever felt talented enough for. It wasn’t until mid 2016 that I realised that my interest in both Fashion and Writing should be something I genuinely try to pursue, and what place is more perfect for fashion and writing than British Vogue! One might say this is a far fetched dream for a small kiwi girl like me, a thought that I myself once had not too long ago but I’ve always loved writing and fashion with my mother telling me that when I was a toddler I would actually cry if I didn’t like the outfit she chose for me. I guess I loved looking good from a young age.

Now please don’t get me wrong I may have always had an interest in fashion but my ability to actually carry it out seems to fail miserably on a regular basis. After numerous unfortunate phases and at the tender age of 19 I think I am finally starting to find my style and I guess with this blog that will continue to develop and grow which is really exciting.

With such a large goal set in my sights I thought what better way to grow, learn and gain confidence than to create a blog where I can write and create for an audience as well as for myself. I hope this blog will include a range of things from photography to reviews to stories from yours truely. But please promise me you will never expect anything to be organised, even my writing structure, I am a strong believer of tangents if you find yourself in one I recommend you follow it.

Yours truly,

My Messy  Little Journal ♥︎